Specializing in Technical Recruiting for More Than 17 Years

Since June 2002, Logos Staffing has done one thing and we've done it very well. We put the right people in the right jobs. When it comes to technical and managerial staffing, we have 17 + years of expertise and an unmatched track record of success.

So, whether you need a proven leader for a key position, or a technical “contract” employee for a long term project, you can count on us.

Russ Farthing Owner of Logos Staffing International, Inc. (Logos)

Russ has been in the Technical Staffing arena for 17 years. Russ graduated from Oklahoma State University with his Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management and also attended the University of Tulsa College of Law. Russ’s “specialty” in the Technical Recruiting area is in Engineering/Management and all Engineering/Designer related positions. Logos also has an impressive work history in both I.T. and Accounting as well.

Russ’s first job out of college was with the Williams Companies, working for their pipeline division. This is where Russ learned the Oil & Gas business, from one of the Premier Oil & Gas Companies in the nation. The core value at Williams was “Character” first. This core value was also taught Russ as a child growing up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Russ’s success at Williams was putting the best people with “Character” around him, to bring over 250 consecutive projects in on time and under budget. Russ learned early on to make sure that the people that did the work, received the credit, and 99% of the credit went to the people Russ was blessed to have had the opportunity to work with and for. Russ finished his first career as President of a publicly traded company in Glen Cove, New York, doing mergers and acquisitions and running a manufacturing company. Then Russ’s mother unexpectedly passed away.

Russ moved his father into his home, which is when Russ decided to change careers to take care of his father, who had Parkinson’s Disease. That is when Russ transitioned into the Staffing Industry. Russ has consistently ranked in the Top 10% in the Nation for the past 17 years.

Russ’s ability to differentiate those candidate with “character”, from those without character, is what clearly separates Logos Staffing from it’s competitors. This capability coupled with Logos’s extensive and on target Vetting Process, is what enables Logos to boast a 90+% retention rate with our placements versus the National Industry Average of 45%.
Russ was fortunate to play football at Oklahoma State University for Jim Stanley on the 1976 Big-8-Championship team. Coach Stanley stressed “Character’ to all of his players, regardless of their starting status. That was how we won the Big-8-Conference in 1976. Character.

Russ has also maintained an active participation in the Tulsa /Oklahoma area with the following exceptional groups:

Youth Sports Coach - 1980 – 2007
Special Olympics Committee – 1986-1990
YMCA: Board of Directors - 2004 – 2007
Owasso Chamber of Commerce – Board of Directors -2008 – 2014
Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance – Board of Directors - 2015 -2018
Summit Club – Board of Governors – 2017 - Present

Our Approach

Our business is all about relationships. We work hard to build strong and time-tested relationships with our clients, so we understand their needs and wants. As a result, when it's time to find the right person for a job, we are up to speed as soon as we get the call. Our business model is all about building relationships with both, our clients and our candidates.

Our Objective

Our job is to make your job easier. It's that simple. We know you have enough to do without worrying about placing ads, reading resumes, and interviewing dozens of applicants.

Our clients count on us to handle all the details and bring them nothing but the best and most qualified people. The only hard part for you is choosing which of our great candidates to hire.

Our Services

We provide a full range of personnel consulting and staffing services for several different industries. Our specialty is in technical recruiting including oil and gas, utilities, engineering companies, heat transfer, telecommunications, aerospace, and manufacturing support.

Our Promise

As our client, your needs and interests will be at the center of everything we do. We promise that the level of service that you will receive will surprise and delight you. When you choose us, you will always be treated like our most important client. You will see only “top gun” applicants. We will make sure that, with our services, you will benefit from our decades of experience and expertise.

Helping you in finding the perfect candidate for each position is our top priority. You will be represented by a firm that takes the time to understand what you do, how you do it, and why. Finally, we will never hire a person from within your organization to another client.